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2014 Level 6, 7, 8 State
Level 3 State Meet
Meet Schedule
Please realize the schedule is now different because of the Water Main
Break at Veterans Memorial.
Level 6's are now on Friday night & Sat. morning.  Level 7's are still on Sat. but times have changes
Level 3's have been ADDED TO
SUNDAY!  This was Updated at 10:0PM 3/31/14.  The Only Level 3 Gymnasts that will be competing in Maumee will be the gymnasts that did not compete at at The Veterans Memorial in Columbus.  Please check the age groups.  Those who were supposed to compete 1st are now 2nd and Vice Versa.  Please review the schedule!

Please click on the Link Below for the new revised schedule as of
10:00PM 3/31/14!

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